Ceilidhe Speirs

Surfing Doctors Profile 2024 

Ceilidhe Spiers


South african

Current Position:

Taking time off

Education and work experience:

I completed my MBCHB degree at the university of Cape Town in SA. I did my 2 years internship training at Ngwelezane tertiary hospital KZN and my 1 year community service at Madwaleni district hospital in rural EC. My experience in tertiary specialist departments has equipped me with skills to deal with trauma and surgical/medical emergencies and common presentations. My experience in rural district level care has made me comfortable working independently in remote areas with undifferentiated patients and resource contraints. I have completed post grad courses/accreditations as follows.

Active courses & accreditations:
Basic Life Support (BLS) – Valid until 2025
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) – Valid until 2025
Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) – Valid until 2026
Point Of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Emergency Medicine Basics (unaccredited) completed 2023

Completed courses:
Basic Obstetrics ultrasound course completed 2023
K2 perinatal training course completed 2023


Diploma in Child Health (College of Medicine South Africa) 2023

Previous Volunteer Work:

I have volunteered for the university of Cape Town’s SHAWCO health (Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation). We did health promotion, disease prevention and basic intervention in remote / rural / impoverished areas of south Africa.

Medical interests:

I love interacting with patients above all, especially paediatric patients so bring on the groms haha!
I love rural adventure medicine – seeing the variety of it all and working with what you’ve got!
I enjoy the practicality of trauma and emergency care.

Local surf spot:

Breezy point and mdumbi in wild coast (transkei) EC SA.

What is your favourite surf destination:

I am currently on a surf trip. Have been surfing in Sri Lanka and indo the last few months – lombok, sumbawa, java G land. My favourite spots so far have been Lakey Peak and Java G land on a manageable day otherwise I would head to tiger tracks haha.

Travel experience:

Have travelled a fair amount growing up but of late have been mainly solo backpacking. India, Peru, Sri Lanka, indo, Thailand etc…

Tell us about your best surf trip ever:

I’ve got to say I’m currently on my best surf trip. Stopped working the end of last year and have been in Sri Lanka then indo, with a singular mission of improving my surfing! Have loved the beauty, power and majesty of these waves in indo! Have also got to say that the wild coast on SA offers up great empty beautiful right handers that make every weekend a pretty epic surf trip.

Tell us about your worst surf trip ever:

Hmmm probably getting skunked on a strike mission to Mozambique.

What is the worst surf injury you have ever had to treat:

I have not worked with surfers as patients before professionally. But have helped friends with infected reef cuts etc. Nothing major.

The best thing about surfing:

Being in the water – so free, so beautiful, so magical, so powerful. Riding waves – so much energy that I get to be a part of.
The process… Constantly learning. Constantly humbled. Ocean as life teacher!

What was the best advice you have ever received regarding surfing:

Have fun!

Current go-to surfboards? (make and dims): Channel island twin pin 6’0
Pyzel ghost 6’2

Any other information you would like to add about yourself:

I’m not the best surfer around but I love it and am loving the process of being a student to the ocean! Stoked for growth!!

I am a super fun loving, open hearted, smiley gal that both loves to surf and will ensure you get the medical treatment you need! I am a passionate doctor who loves to adventure i.e. surf haha 🙂