Chris Hewitt
Current Position?
Anaesthetics Registrar – Lismore Base Hospital
Education and work experience?
  • Anatomy Degree & Medical School – Bristol UK
  • Emergency Department – Tweed Hospital
  • ICU – Victoria
  • Retrieval – Snowy Mountains & Australian Defence Force
  • Anaesthetics Training
Previous Volunteer Work:
  • Villa Maria Hospital, Uganda – Introduction of WHO Surgical Checklist
  • G Land Doctor 
Medical interests?
Retrieval medicine and regional anaesthesia
Local surf spot?
Lennox Head 
What is your favourite surf destination?
Mentawai Islands or Ireland
Surf travel experience?
UK & Europe, North Africa, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, Fiji, Samoa
Best surf trip ever?
Mentawai Islands, 2016
Worst surf trip ever?
Morocco, 2015 – 8 people in a dorm, one bathroom, severe food poisoning. It was a war zone.
The best thing about surfing?
It teaches you how to do life … And also geting barrelled.
Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?
When the wave breaks here, don’t be there.
Your favourite surfer in the world and why? 
Dane Reynolds – crazy style and reluctant hero
The longest wave you’ve ever surfed?
3 miles … in a river.