Jacob van der Linden 

Current Position:


Education and work experience:

Graduated from the rural campus of Port Macquarie under the UNSW medical school in 2020

I am completing my internship on the Eyre Peninsula, primarily based in the Hospital of Port Lincoln, to complete my core rotations: ED, Med, and Surg. I was lucky enough to spend one rotation in Ceduna, where I got wonderful exposure to various cases and surfed Cactus/Caves most weekends!

Previous Volunteer Work:

My voluntary work around Medicine has primarily involved taking junior students on bedside tutes throughout the later years of my degree. In terms of important volunteering, when possible, I help out a mate with his surfing school/club he runs on Kangaroo Island.

Medical interests:

I see myself ending up in rural general practice, likely with an interest in emergency medicine and anaesthetics. Most importantly, I want to practice in this area in a coastal setting.

Local surf spot:

My current local surf spot is Blacks in Elliston, which is 170km from Lincoln, where I live. When I have days off, I immediately drive to Elliston, stay with family and friends, and treat this as my local spot. Importantly, I am certainly NOT a local of Blacks!

What is your favourite surf destination:

The West Coast of South Australia has lots of miles, harsh environments, and quite cold but pretty epic waves!


Travel experience:

Surfing-wise, I have travelled to a few spots throughout Indonesia, including the Tello Islands, West Java, and, of course, Bali. I have also been on one trip to Samoa, which was great fun. 

Then, within Australia, I have been to most sides of the surfing coast, with the most adventurous being a surfing holiday/medical placement I was able to do on King Island.

Tell us about your best surf trip ever:

In 2020, i.e. the year of COVID-19, I took a year away from work and ended up being based in Elliston for 8 months on a very extended surfing trip, and it was amazing!

Tell us about your worst surf trip ever:

My brothers and I spent 4 weeks in West Java and managed to surf twice. The food was amazing, but that didn’t quite make up for the lack of waves.

Jacob van der Linden 

What is the worst surf injury you have ever had to treat:

A dislocated shoulder occurred 3 hours from the nearest hospital. Rory (my brother) and I had to drive to find reception, speak to our dad (ex-rural GP on Kangaroo Island), who explained how to do it and then went back to the poor patient and ended up re-locating his shoulder with a bag of rocks for traction attached to his arm using a leg-rope.

The best thing about surfing:

You get to indulge in the pure childish stoke with your mates and not worry about another thing while in the water.

What was the best advice you have ever received regarding surfing:

Foam is your friend!

Favourite surfer in the world and why:

Joel Parkinson: most beautiful power surfer there is.

Current go-to surfboards? (make and dims):

MAKE: JOP (mate from Kangaroo Island) 

Model: Choob Chase 

Dims: 7’4 x 3 inches, and beyond that, I’m unsure.

The go-to board when the waves get scary