Joe Ashford

Aussie from Newcastle.

Current Position?
RMO, GP trainee PGY2.

Education and work experience?
Bachelor of Economics, Doctor of Medicine, currently PGY2, background in hospitality and youth/disability support work.

Travel experience?
Two months surfing Morocco, Europe, Nepal, Indo, 6 months Central America, USA, NZ.

Best surf trip ever?
Morocco and Mexico.

Worst surf trip ever?
Getting skunked on the east coast Aus. Also, Tassie recently was pretty bad.

What is the best thing about surfing?
Getting into the flow state. Getting tubed.

Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?
Do less

Who is your favourite surfer in the world, and why?
Previously Kelly, nowadays John John, Nathan Florence, Kai Lenny.

Current go-to surfboards? (make and dims)
Good brands – Lost Mayhem, Dylan, Stacey, MR guns.