John Watson
Current Position? 
Most of my previous and current work life has been as a Gp, which is in Aboriginal Health and youth mental health.
Previous Volunteer Work

I have been fortunate to have done a Dr stint at G-Land and a stint at Lagundri Bay Nias.



Local surf spot?
I live in the Illawarra area of NSW and have been surfing since a kid, but still trying to get more vertical and be less of a mid-face surfer. 
Best surf trip ever?
My favourite surf trip was to Portugal. Pretty good surf but with great cultural and touristy add-ons. 
Worst surf trip ever?
My worst surf experience was being a kid and camping on the beach, tents blowing away in a storm and sleeping in a caravan park amenities block. 
Who is your favourite surfer in the world, and why? 

My current favourite surfers are Connor O’Leary and Jackson Baker. They are great powerful surfers who look like they enjoy surfing and the Tour.


 Current go-to surfboards? (make and dims)
Currently riding a 6’4″ Inferno 72 from Sharp Eye and a 6’6″ Stacey Lab Rat when it gets bigger.
 Any other information you would like to add about yourself?
I am a natural footer who identifies as a 30-40-year-old but is 60 yrs of age. 
Previous Volunteer Work
2015, October-November: Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (helping as a student) 
2019, September-October: Assisting during cleft lip surgeries with the Smile Foundation in Bali 
2023: I am setting up a project with menstruation cups in rural Ghana after a GoFundMe campaign. The main purpose is to see if the cups can be implemented in this setting to reduce period poverty, which currently affects many young girls and women. 
Medical interests?
Emergency medicine, surgery, trauma, global health, humanitarian medicine 
Local surf spot?
Jæren, Stavanger, Norway 
What is your favourite surf destination?
Sumbawa, Indonesia
Travel experience?
Living in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Curaçao, South Africa and Bali  
Interrailing through Europe
Travelling in Vietnam, Colombia, USA
Surf trips to Portugal, Los Angeles, Nicaragua, Indonesia, South Africa
Best surf trip ever?
Road trip with the scooter from Bali to West Sumbawa and a few weeks in East Sumbawa 
Worst surf trip ever?
Possibly searching for waves on the Dutch coast.
What is the best thing about surfing? 
The thrill, being in nature, feeling present, pushing myself, surfing with friends.
Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?
Paddle, paddle, paddle and commit.
Who is your favourite surfer in the world, and why? 
Carissa Moore is a powerful and progressive surfer who stays humble, inspires more girls to surf, and inspires everyone to do good. 
Current go-to surfboards? (make and dims)
Channel Island Rocket Wide, 5”6, 27L. With thruster or 2+1 fin setup 
Native SX3, 5”8, 26L
Any other information you would like to add about yourself?
I also love hiking, climbing, and just being outdoors 
I speak Norwegian, English, Dutch and Bulgarian