Nicholas Baxter

Nick Baxter



Current Position:

WA Country Health Service Intern – Midwest

Education and work experience: 

High School: Perth Modern Subiaco

Medical School: University of Western Australia. I completed the final two years of my degree through the Rural Clinical School program in Geraldton.

Work Experience:

Western Australia Country Health Service – Midwest: Geraldton Hospital Intern. 

Previous Volunteer Work: 

Lifeguard: City of Perth Surf Life Saving Club

Ocean Heroes Geraldton

Medical interests: 

Critical care: Emergency medicine + anaesthetics +/- ICU 

General practice.

Local surf spot: 

Perth: Trigg Point or North Scarborough

Geraldton: Drummonds point.

What is your favourite surf destination:

My favourite surf break would have to be Keramas on the East Coast of Bali, a natural footers’ dream. Nothing beats this wave, as you can slot into fast right-hand barrels all day wearing nothing but boardies and a T-shirt. 

Travel experience: 

I grew up surfing the WA coastline, exploring breaks from Albany to Exmouth and everywhere.

Living in Geraldton for the past two years has seen me explore the Midwest of WA, travelling to Kalbarri and Gnaraloo on multiple occasions. 

I have chased waves in Indonesia several times with a group of mates, but I have yet to tick off a Maldives trip, which is most definitely on the bucket list. 

Tell us about your best surf trip ever: 

The best surf trip ever was to Gnaraloo. 

This trip was a couple of months after ‘peak season’, so there wasn’t much crew around, but there were plenty of waves. 

It was lovely being off the grid, with nothing to worry about except the forecast and which spot along the beautiful Midwest coastline would be the best. 

Tell us about your worst surf trip ever: 

The worst trip ever was to Nusa Lembongan. 

Day 1: Not much swell.

Day 2-5: Bathroom floor and plenty of swell. My mates scored. 

Day 6: A few waves to be had.

Day 7: Home. 

What is the worst surf injury you have ever had to treat: 

Ear laceration. The poor grom was about to be Vincent Van Gogh.

The best thing about surfing: 

While surfing is an individual sport, I thoroughly enjoy the avenue it provides to socialise and meet like-minded individuals within the community. It is a fantastic way of catching up with mates. 

I also really enjoy that when you are in the water, it is just you and the waves – no phones, computers, etc. You don’t have to worry about anything except the next wave coming through. 

What was the best advice you have ever received regarding surfing: 

Flexibility is key!

Favourite surfer in the world and why:

Jack Robinson. 

Absolute rips and is also a very nice bloke. Surfed with him at Trigg Point when I was a grom. I remember him being super kind in the lineup and dishing out some advice about improving turns. 

Current go-to surfboards? 

JS Xero. 


20 1/4″

2 9/16″


JS Sweet Spot 2.0

6′ 2″

20 “

2 1/2″