Oliver Angliss

Oliver Angliss



Current Position:

Rural Generalist.

Education and work experience:

Uni at UWA, fellowship with ACRRM. 

Previous Volunteer Work:


Medical interests:

Anaesthetics, remote medicine, general practice.

Local surf spot:

I move around too much to be a local, but if anywhere, I would say Parrys Beach in Denmark, WA.

What is your favourite surf destination:


Tell us about your best surf trip ever:

June 2021 pumping Gnaraloo.

Tell us about your worst surf trip ever:

When my friend convinced me to surf in Cornwall, UK.

What is the worst surf injury you have ever had to treat? Board vs back of the head resulted in C3/C4 fractures, and the waves were pretty small, too!

The best thing about surfing:

Frothing with your mates.

What was the best advice you have ever received regarding surfing:

When it’s sucking sick, always pig dog. Advice from local Denmark legend Dr Freaktrain Faulkner.

Favourite surfer in the world and why:

I always loved watching Jake Patterson on tour. 

Current go-to surfboards?

Just got my new 6’3 Webster Desert Storm for G-Land.