Profile: Surfing Doctors Profile James Dent

I’ve been volunteering as the Surfing Doctors Treasurer for almost 10 years. I joined after a two-month medical student placement at G-Land.


Australian. Albany WA

Current Position? 

Emergency Registrar 

The Tweed Hospital, NSW

Education and work experience?

Physiotherapy BSc


Medical interest?

Critical care, Education, Communication and Leadership, Collegial Wellbeing

Local surf spot?

Black Rock, Pottsville 

What is your favourite surf destination?

Gnarloo, Western Australia

Travel experience? Where have you been?

Various surfing trips to parts of Indonesia, North America, Central America, Hawaii and Europe. Previously a keen snowboarder before children came along

Best surf trip ever?

Redbluff – Northern WA. Staying in a beach shelter with a swag. Surrounded by 5 of your best mates as an 18-year-old. Living off jaffles and beer. It didn’t get below 5 ft the whole time.

Worst surf trip ever?

They have all been good. They certainly had some rough moments, with angry locals (Panama, Oceanside, Oregon), fin chops, reef rash, and car breakdowns. It’s all part of the fun, though, really.

What is the best thing about surfing?

In a busy world, surfing is vital to clearing the mind, providing an outlet of absolute escapism, and enabling a creative outlet to draw lines on an ever-changing canvas. Surfing has provided me with an identity and a tribe for life. 

Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?

Go more vertical; anyone can do a cutty on the fat part of a wave.

(Older brother) 

True words. Who is your favourite surfer in the world, and why?

Mick Fanning is so smooth and fast. He backs it up by seemingly being a great bloke with a decent backbone and resilience. He’s an awesome role model for all the groms out there.

Current go-to surfboards?

6’1 Inferno 72 Sharpeye

5’10 Performance Twin Ruffles Truffles 

6’4 step up Assym twin Brian Bates