Ronan Mckenna

Ronan McKenna

Current Position:

Emergency Medicine Registrar

Education and work experience:

I am just finishing my third year of Emergency Medicine Training in Ireland. Prior to that, I spent two years working in Perth, Australia. As part of my EM training, I worked for six months in Anesthesia, Paediatric EM, and Orthopaedics.

Previous Volunteer Work:

I spent three summers volunteering in Kolkata, India, while in medical school.

Medical interests:

Prehospital medicine, Wilderness Medicine, and Alpine Medicine.

Local surf spot:

Lahinch, Ireland.

What is your favourite surf destination:

Margaret River, WA.

Travel experience:

Australia, North America, Brazil, Bolivia, Europe, India, Thailand, Vietnam.

Tell us about your best surf trip ever:

A group of friends with a jeep full of surfboards, beer and limited knowledge of how to surf, exploring southern Western Australia

Tell us about your worst surf trip ever:

None so far

What is the worst surf injury you have ever had to treat?

My pride

The best thing about surfing:

Literal immersion in nature. It’s a magical combination of movement and stillness.

What was the best advice you have ever received regarding surfing:

You need a bigger board, son.

Favourite surfer in the world and why:

Nathan Florence seems like a nice guy and is relentless

Current go-to surfboards:

I can only get up on the big ones at the moment!