Surf Life Support: Drowning & Aquatic Emergencies – This Surf Life Support course is coming to WA Margaret River

Surfing Medicine International will bring a unique event to Western Australia with co-host Surfing Doctors, Surf Life Support: Drowning & Aquatic Emergencies

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Information on course

Surf Life Support – Special Edition
Drowning & Aquatic Emergencies 
28th November – 1st December Margaret River

Ahead of the World Drowning Prevention Conference, we endeavour to host a meeting for key stakeholders on Drowning prevention within the surfing and medical community. The evidence base is growing around the role of surfers in enhancing water safety, reducing the number of drowning fatalities and Drowning risk of Surfers themselves. The global surf community plays a pivotal ambassador role in drowning prevention and water safety. It is well recognized that surfers turn often into bystander rescuers, prevent drowning by retrieval and initiate early resuscitation. Also, drowning seems to be the major reason for surf fatalities. Surfers should be very aware of this and should get trained for optimal rescue and resuscitation skills, but also to prevent drowning themselves in difficult conditions.

The aim of the event
The aim of the event is to train health professionals in the skills and knowledge to provide optimal care in an aquatic emergency, with a deep dive into Drowning resuscitation.

Topics including:

Drowning prevention and rescue
Epidemiology of Drowning
Global picture of Drowning prevention
Prehospital Care of Drowning victims
Airway and Ventilation Strategies
Special populations: paediatrics
Case reviews / analysis of Surfers as bystander rescue
Haemorrhage control in Marine Environment 
For who? 
This event is targeted to medical professionals and water safety experts. Our participants include medical students, (s)ho/registrars and specialists from the fields of prehospital care, (P)ICU, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, Paediatrics and GP/Rural hospital medicine and water safety experts working in the field and/or academia. 
Surf Life Support: Drowning & Aquatic Emergencies is approved for 14.5 ACEM CPD hours
Located in Yallingup, one of the most pristine untouched parts of the world, famous for its wine and surf. Premalaya sits snuggled amongst pine trees and natural beauty. Uplifted by the Indian Ocean breeze, your soul will be cleansed and rejuvenated as you prepare to explore the region of Margaret River, Western Australia. 
28th November 2023 Tuesday: Registration & Opening Dinner 
29th November 2023 Wednesday: Drowning Resuscitation
30th November 2023 Thursday: Major Trauma and Resuscitation

1st December 2023 Friday: Rescue & Performance Psychology

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