Dominic Howell

Surfing Doctors Profile 2024 

Name: Dr Dominic Howell 

Nationality: Australian 

Current role: Anaesthetics Registrar, Newcastle

Education/Work: Graduated from the University of Newcastle with elective time in Ghana, Sri Lanka and West Aus.

I undertook residency training in Newcastle and the Hunter, working in the trauma service, emergency, anaesthetics, and intensive care. 

Medical Interests: Anaesthetics, emergency and retrieval medicine.

Previous Volunteer Work: Surfing the Spectrum Volly 

Local spot: Currently Merewether – Dixon Park 

Travel Experience? 

  • Surf travel: Indo, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Philippines, Hawaii, Ireland
  • Snow travel: Japan, New Zealand

Best surf trip?

  • A winter strike mission backpacking in Ireland, getting 100-200m rights to myself. In 8-degree water with a hole in my rental wetty using the local Physio’s surfboard borrowed from his practice reception. 

The best thing about surfing?

  • No two waves (in the wild) or sessions are the same.
  • Great excuse to spend time with mates and explore new parts of the world.

Favourite surfer in the world, and why?

  • RCal – super dynamic to watch in free surfs and heats, an all-around nice guy! 

Current go-to surfboards? 

  • JS Monsta box 5’10 
  • Psillakis step up 6’3 
  • JS Red Baron 5’8 

Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?

  • Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. 
  • A good mantra for most things in the medical world too.

Surfing Doctor’s involvement:

  • 2022 G-Land Conference 
  • 2023 Wave Pool Conference 
  • 2024 Margaret River Pro WSL + G-Land stint (upcoming!)