Surfing Doctors Conference 2023 – Cracking On In The Jungle

The last few days have been an endless blur of G-Land waves, medical talks and practicals, beers, and the remorseless Indonesian sun. It has been idyllic, but not all play and no work for the gathered attendees.
The surf has been on a slow downward slide in size and power. It is about to turn around for a booming session at the end of the conference, with all eyes on the Speed Reef section of G-land. Some surfers are amped, and others are keener to watch than venture out amongst those heaving double-ups.
The work has comprised such talks as Procedural Sedation, Optimising Subxyphoid views in Basic ECHO, Post cardiac arrest, as well as MSK injuries and how management differs when you’re in the jungle.


There have been yoga daily yoga sessions, sometimes twice a day, with many surfers stiff and sore after many hours in the line-up and utilising advanced stretching techniques through the yoga classes.
Today the Doctors went through posterior knee dislocation in the surf, posterior hip dislocation, open book pelvis on the reef, and some Stop The Bleed/compressible haemorrhage workshops.

Everyone has been getting involved, and the conference at this mid-stage can already be deemed a great success with interesting talks, educationals, workshops, networking and great waves.
A few minor injuries so far, nothing too serious apart from some cuts and reef abrasions, but there have been 4 broken boards.

All the broken boards went across to Jim Beam, the local board repair person, so those surfers will have something solid underfoot to surf for Friday’s swell.
Surfers with broken boards include Nick Maister, Sam Duffy, Tait Hearps, and Chester Smith. Bound to be a few more dead soldiers after the Friday session. Stay tuned.